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Become A Vendor

Vendors are the life-blood of MapChest. If you are a business, an organisation or even an individual we would love to hear about your map collection. All we ask is that you have the relevant rights and permissions to resell either the original maps, or the digitised copies, or both.

As part of our commitment to vendors, and to ensure the best user experience for customers, the range and variety of the collection is a key consideration when assessing new applications. Wherever possible we prefer not to have several copies of the same maps, either from a single vendor or across multiple vendors. For MapChest the uniqueness of a collection is its main asset: unlike other sites our service isn’t simply about mass appeal. We therefore welcome those collections that have a specialist or niche interest.

MapChest operates under a revenue-share scheme and, as such, is a quick and easy way to generate income from an existing asset. Depending on its size, we would expect to have a new collection on the site within two months of receipt of the originals for scanning, or one month from receipt of existing digital copies.

Following launch we expect the number of vendors to increase rapidly over the course of 2019. We therefore recommend that interested parties contact us as soon as possible. In the first instance please call or send an email to:

Geoff Blissitt

Commercial Director


T: 020 8309 5445