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An Accurate Map of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland

From: £73.50

From: £73.50

Original Publication Date: 1757.

Cartographer: Emanuel Bowen.

Map Condition: A

Additional Information: Close cropped to bottom

Map Width: 69cm.

Map Height: 53cm.

Sheet Width: 77cm.

Sheet Height: 57cm.

Country of origin: England.

Colour: Hand.

Print Type: Engraving.

Publication: The Large English Atlas.

Additional information: Close cropped to bottom.

Fulfillment Notice

Since this order is for an original map the order will be fulfilled directly by the vendor as opposed to Mapchest. Vendor details can be viewed below. Full vendor contact details will also be sent with your confirmation email. The same warranty and guarantees apply as if you had bought your map directly from Mapchest. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for full details.

In the first instance please contact Mapchest with any enquiries.

Vendor: Cormelian.

Telephone: 07974 000747.



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