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Carte de L’Italie de la Region des Alpes

From: £15.00

From: £15.00

Original Publication Date: 1876.

Cartographer: Adrien Hubert Brué.

Map Condition: A+

Additional Information: None included.

Map Width: 51cm.

Map Height: 36cm.

Sheet Width: 62cm.

Sheet Height: 47.5cm.

Country of origin: France.

Colour: Hand.

Print Type: Engraving.

Publication: Atlas Universel de Geographie.


Please select how many prints you'd like to order. Variations such as map size, paper type, frame type and mounting can be specified in the next section. If you'd like to order larger quantities then please get in touch with us directly via our contact page.


Each map comes with a variety of options in terms of available sizes, paper types, mount cards and framing. Please use the dropdown menus below to make your choices for each ordered map. For examples and details please click on the links in this paragraph.

Prints are available in a selection of sizes which are detailed below:

  • 10 inches x 8 inches (25.4cm x 20.3cm)
  • 12 inches x 8 inches (30.5cm x 20.3cm)
  • 16 inches x 12 inches (40.6cm x 30.5cm)
  • 20 inches x 16 inches (50.8cm x 40.6cm)
  • 27 inches x 20 inches (68.6cm x 50.8cm)
  • 40 inches x 27 inches (101.6cm x 68.6cm)

Please note - it's unlikely that any individual map will exactly match the proportions of the paper sizes detailed here. The printed map will therefore have a border of 5mm at either end of its long axis and a minimum of 5mm at either end of its short axis. The map will be centered along both axes.

Select from the following high grade paper types:

  • Cotton Smooth fine art paper:310gsm paper weight with high conservation properties and a luxurious feel and texture.

  • Antique fine art paper:210gsm paper weight with conservation properties on a textured paper.

  • Matte paper:180gsm paper weight with a smooth matte surface.

Framed maps are available either with or without mount cards. In the event that a mount card is chosen this will be provided in a 'soft white' finish. For prints upto 16 inches by 12 inches the mount card will provide a 2 inch border along each axis. For prints above 16 inches by 12 inches the mount card will provide a 3 inch border along each axis. NB Mount cards are not available for unframed maps.

All frames are acrylic glazed and are available in matt black, white, dark or light faux wood finishes. Light and dark frames are 35mm in width, matt black and white are 30mm. Frames are provided on a bespoke basis for each printed map. For maps purchased without mount cards the frame will match the print size leaving a 5mm border at the edges. Where a mount card has been ordered, the size of the frame will grow proportionately with the mount card size. Please close this modal and click on the mount cards link for further details.

Total: £ (plus shipping)

Mapchest offers flat rate shipping, regardless of how many maps you order. Within the UK our shipping rates are: £4.20 for unframed maps and £15.20 for framed maps. Internationally, our shipping rates are £6.80 for unframed maps and £27.50 for framed maps

Vendor shipping rates for original maps are set by the vendor themselves and are detailed at checkout. For further information please contact the vendor directly.